An expert from my upcoming book

I’m thinking the book will be done by the end of summer. it’s taken a lot of sweat and stress to find the right stories to put in it since they are pretty intimate and very personal. But it’s what I’m choosing to do so I wanted to be honest in the stories I tell. The book starts with a 16 year old me figuring out his sexuality while still trying to exist in his current life. it was messy. and the choices he made were not always right.

A Random Night in Scranton Pennsylvania

One evening during the summer of 2002 or 2003 I was hanging out with my friend Suzy and we were trying to go out, meanwhile, it was probably a Tuesday, but we were twenty something and worked 2nd shift so endless nights were kind of a thing. Many many nights we would close down bars. She is also beautiful and was a huge flirt and would get free drinks and invites to after parties, which I always tagged along to. So here we are in Scranton Pennsylvania, way before The Office was ever a thing, trying to make plans. She suggested I call our other friend Gina. Gina was the second funniest person I’ve ever met, first one being a boy from my high school, he’s definitely another story for another day. So I call Gina and ask what’s she’s up to. She was at the Banshee, an Irish bar downtown. She was with her friends from high school, who I have met over the years and didn’t like one bit. They went to an uppity Catholic school and were a total bore to hang out with. So I told Suzy and we agreed we’d have a drink and find something else to do.

As predicted I was bored out of my fucking mind five minutes into sitting at their table. Did i mention there were live bagpipers on the stage? Did I also mention I was high on cocaine? If you’ve never experienced these two things together, in a tiny bar, I do not suggest it. After texting everyone I knew to get a new plan together failed, I started to slam drinks. And slam drinks. I’m pretty sure I did a couple Irish car bombs, when in an Irish bar, right?, and before I knew it, it’s two o’clock and they are calling last call. At this point I’m blitz and ready to party. I want more liquor and I want more drugs but it looked dismal. So we get into the car, I know, I know, I just told you how drunk I was. So anyway, we are in the car and across from the bar was a Howard Johnson. I saw a bunch of young people on the balcony of the second floor so I asked the girls, Gina is now with us as her friends left, if they want to check it out. They didn’t. I wasn’t really asking them so off I was to the staircase. The staircases are outside as are the hallways, back then I’m pretty a room was thirty dollars a night if you can picture it. So I start chatting with the three people outside smoking and get friendly enough with them go into one of the rooms. There were probably about 15-20 people. They were clearly drunk. I made my way to the back of the room where the bathroom was and grabbed a beer from the tub.

Most of the people didn’t speak English and the ones who did had thick accents. They were on an American tour of colleges or something, I can’t really remember now. I start pounding beers and am getting chatty and horny and notice these two blonde guys outside smoking so I take a cigarette out of my pack and go outside. I pretended to look for a lighter, something I often did if I wanted to talk with someone. I looked over at them and asked if one had a light. After the cigarette was lit I tried to chat with them but their english was really spotty and I was too drunk to listen carefully. I did find out they were from Russia and that they were staying in the room next door. One of them said he was going in to piss. After some time his friend said he was going to check on him. About thirty seconds later he opened the door and asked me if I wanted to come in.

When I walked in the first guy who walked in was laying naked face down on the bed. I followed the second guy into the room and we started kissing. We took off our clothes. He was pale and skinny and smelled of body odor. It was overpowering my desire but I didn’t stop. This was like porno the way this all started. He kneeled down and started to suck my dick. I looked over at the other guy who had flipped over and was jacking off while watching us. I walked over to the bed and bend down to start kissing him. He was pale and skinny as well but I found him more attractive. His face was softer looking. He had more color in his cheeks. I started to kiss his neck and made my way down to his dick and started sucking on it. the other guy came over to the bed and started kissing my body. Then he got into the doggy position with his ass facing me, so I got in back of him, spit on my dick and started fucking him. The other guy started jacking off again and I just kept my eyes on him while I fucked his friend. At some point we were missionary and the cute one flipped back over on to his stomach which I took as an invite so I got on time of him and started fucking him. His skin was so soft and with just the perfect amount of fat under the skin. The other guy got up off the bed and sat in a chair facing us and started jacking off.

I’m not sure how long we were fucking but it must have been awhile because when i looked over at chair guy he was passed out. His big dick soft and thick. I looked down at my crush to see he too is passed out. I wasn’t sure what to do at that point, do I stop? Do I pretend to cum? Every possibility seems rude at the moment. I rolled over off the guy and laid on the bed for a minute before I was like fuck it, I put my clothes on drank the rest of the beer in my can and left.

When I walked out and birds were chirping and remembered Gina and Suzy. But that thought faded because i was fucking beat and just wanted my bed. So I jump into my car and Suzy is passed out in the front seat and Gina is passed out in the back. We all crashed at my apartment that night.

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