a child in exile

It was raining steady but the boy was bored and his mother was nowhere to be found. So he put on his coat and boots and walked out into the rain. He quickly realized that all the other children were probably inside wrapped up in blankets eating gold foiled chocolates in recliners.

The boy was used to being alone anyway so he headed towards the forest at the end of the property. As he traveled, he saw deer and rabbits and squirrels live out lives of animals why he walked quietly.

He was a quiet boy. He didn’t ask for anything. He thought about heading back inside since the rain was heavy off the leaves of the trees but would not, could not turn around. He was searching for something he couldn’t find inside.

The morning cartoons taught him that adventure was just around the corner. He kept his eyes open as he walked through the woods. The forest was so old compared to his youth.

As the forest cleared to an opening, he saw little white flags in mowed grass in perfect little mounds. Perfect little streams and beach sand. On this rainy day he had found a paradise all onto himself. This must be what mars is like, the boy thought

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