This isn’t working anymore

This year feels worse than the past two years living in lockdowns and separations. This year, even though nothing is good, we are told to get back out there and start working, start living our lives again. As the entire nation burns, inflation ticking up, rights being stolen, police still killing poc, mass shootings on the daily, and a government that will not do the most basic task of protecting us. We will face another summer of protests and for what? Last summer we burned down cities and protested every day begging law makers to do something about the violence and a 25 y/o black man just had 40 bullets put into him from police while trying to run away and a mass shooter shot up a parade, on independence day. This is no longer our mothers government. We need something else besides signs and rallies. I have no ideas, and I know someone out there reading this is, or knows someone who is who might have the answers. We need to do more then just vote.

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