Quest for the Perfect Running Shoe

Since the new year started I’ve been increasing my fitness. I’m getting back into running and yoga. I also want to start to incorporate more strength training. I have been using apple fitness for yoga on and off since it came out a few years ago, and before that peloton yoga. They are pretty much the same in my book. They focus more on movement then breathing, and I’m not against it, but I grew up doing more pranayama yoga. I enjoyed the ease of it. It centered me, calmed me, and shut my mind up. I stopped going to classes years ago because of timing. my schedules changed and it was hard to find a class I felt comfortable in.

Running is another thing I’ve pretty much always done. I ran track and continued on and off. I’d take a few months off due to laziness then find myself in warm weather and want to take on the world again. I’m getting older and it’s not so easy jumping back into it. I find I have to ease myself. The major thing these days is shoes. I’ve always worn a pair of nike running shoes and never had a problem. I did some research and found a company out of Norway called Craft. I bought a pair in late December. The Craft CTM Ultra Carbon 2. They have so much more room for my feet to move around. My toes have so much space to move. This is the first running shoe I’ve bought with a carbon plate so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It makes such a difference. Craft claimed they were the ultimate trail shoe but I had a horrible experience. The first bit of water and the shoes had zero control.

I found they worked best on dry pavement and gravel, though they did feel a bit heavy. The plate handled well. My first run was uncomfortable. They were too firm and had no flex but after a few runs the foam broke in and now it feels like butter. They are responsive and built for speed. The design is what sold me but the fit is keeping me a fan boy. I’m going to get a pair of CTM ultra 2 running shoe next. It doesn’t have the plate in it so I’m wondering what that will feel like.

The difference between these and the Nike react’s, which I’ve been wearing for years it light years. I tried Nike pegasus somewhere in the middle of reacts and they were not a fit, too tight, not enough response for me. I’m leaning towards a pair of hoka, but that’ll have to wait till I have worn these puppies out. The feel of these so far are holding their form and design. It doesn’t look like I’ll be trying them this year. Are these going to be my go to shoe for the next foreseeable future, I don’t know yet. I’m leaving my options open.

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