GOP Acquits Trump…Again

Even with no power, the GOP has shown America they can’t hold Donald Trump accountable for anything. Why? What is it about this man that people have let him slide by his entire life, never hold him to account? Why? If he is mixed up with some mob type people here in the US or even in Russia, or both, but senators and representatives from the United States Congress. How can they be scared of some shady old man from Queens NY?

GOP says you can’t convict someone who is no longer in office, that is bullshit on it’s face. From the inception of our government ex-government workers have be impeached after they left office. This is not the reason. Minutes after acquitting Trump, McConnell went onto the Senate floor and said that Trump caused the insurrection on the Capital. Yet he voted to acquit, said his base was fed wild lies and falsehoods about the election. So he’s guilty, but I can’t convict him since he’s out of office.

McConnell is open to Trump being prosecuted as a private citizen. Pretty much saying it’s going to happen. This is the same man that put as many Trump appointed judges on the bench as he could, so take that with a grain of salt. What are they afraid of? I keep coming back to this. Trump lost the House, then he lost the Presidency, and in January he lost the Senate. His hardcore base is about 30 percent of this country, (sad, I know), You can’t win elections with only 30 percent of the nation.

Trump released a statement after the verdict, which we all already knew. Thanking the Congress for standing up for the Constitution. Pure bullshit. He doesn’t give one lick of care for the governess of this nation.

Clearly the entire nation was on the same page when we said he would be acquitted. For different reasons of course. Anyone who watched what happened live on tv on January 6 saw the speech, saw the same people storm the Capital. There is no other way to see it. What becomes of Democracy? The GOP said today that it’s okay for a President to break the law in his last few weeks in office and they will do nothing about it.

Trump has other lawsuits filed against him in New York and Georgia. I’m sure after the acquittal there will be many more to come, at least that is my hope. I don’t want to live in a nation where the people in power are not held to the same laws the rest of the people are.

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