Another mass shooting in America. This is now part of our culture. Second rate countries are warning their citizens of the dangers in America. America used to be a global destination, now, we have the ratings of a middle eastern town. White terrorists are everywhere.

After September 11 the news all across this country was brown folks are out to kill us. that home grown terrorists were coming to America to kill us and our way of life. Thanks to law enforcement that never came to be. We got past it and thrived as a country. Then Donald Trump became President.

White supremacy started to show its ugly face, racism started to become vocal. This is nothing new in this country. it’s always been there. it’s part of our social pattern. But in the past we had leaders who would condemn such behavior. We as a society would treat those people as outsiders.

Thanks to Fox News, [sic] uneducated folks all over this country blame brown folks for their misgivings. 680 jobs just opened up in Mississippi, foster a child while you’re there. It’s not brown or black or Asian people who have led us to where we are at, it’s the people in leadership who have led us to where we are. Corporations pay our politicians and our voices are muted.

Get money out of politics and they have no one to answer to but the very people they were elected to serve. It’s that simple. Push out the special interests out of Washington DC and it’ll become the dust town it was meant to be. Politicians weren’t meant to live in DC. Our system runs on corporate money which sits inside DC and so do our local elected representatives.

Democracy continues to take a backseat to this current administration, the gop does nothing. To be a republican in todays affairs is un-American. You can’t be a racist and be american, you can’t be for kids in cages, and be american, you can’t hate immigration, and be american.

The world waits for the American elections in 2020. So does the majority of its citizens. America longs to be the front for democracy, voting out an angry racist with money would signal to the world, we’re done with con-men.

Can I get people to vote? Can I get a country that represents the people? All the people.


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