Here are the notes from my halloween movie episode. you can listen here

The Crow – a classic, Eric Draven returns from the dead a year after his death to exact revenge on the folks who killed him and his fiancee. takes place in some dark future or past, he’s watched over by a crow, hence the namesake. 

Rosemarys Baby – Happy family move into a beautiful pre war apartment and the husband sells out his pregnant wife to a devil worshiping cult. will the book keeper save her? watch to find out. 

Flowers in the Attic – hear me out on this one. it’s not a typical horror plot, but imagine losing your father and your normal middle class life to go move into a new england estate and be boarded into a single room with a stairwell to the attic? your mother stops coming to visit and your estranged grandmother is slowing poisoning you. Add in some old school protestant values and wasp ways of the old north east. Nightmares are welcomed when living in an unbearable hell. 

Open Water 2 – imagine, and maybe because i’m afraid of open bodies of water and sharks, having a splendid time on a luxury yacht with some great friends and then being unable to get back on the boat because none of you remembered to lower the ladder. and one of ya’ll have your period, and sharks can smell blood miles away. 

The Others – two small children apparently allergic to the sunlight living in a midivil manor on some long forgotten estate with a crazy mother who paces around waiting for her husband to return home from war. The boy keeps seeing people who aren’t really there. Mother thinks he’s crazy, girl thinks he’s imagining things and just trying to scare her. 

Ghost Ship – in 1962 a passenger ship goes missing. when a salvage ship discovers it years later on the high seas they realize the inhabitants might still be on the ship. just not in the flesh. the first 10 minutes are the best 10 minutes of gruesome movie watching. 

The Gate – parents go away for the weekend and the kids and one neighbor friend find a hole in the back yard that opens up a pure hell inside their home. This movie created a recurring nightmare i had for years. if i only thought about it during the day i would have the same nightmare. it’s the only nightmare i’ve ever had. being a lackey kid i guess i related. 

Hereditary – dark secrets are revealed after the matriarch passes away. this movie is so detailed and deep to explain. every movie minute leads to another. death and hauntings and tragedy follow this grieving family. 

The Wicker Man – (06 version) a girl goes missing in a small town, when a police officer comes to the town to investigate after receiving an anonymous letter he’s told the girl never existed. the movie unravels piece by piece. after being on the small town island he starts to realize the rules of the land are not what they seem and maybe she met her death in  a ritualistic manner. Then he finds his own fate might be in jeopardy. the 1973 version is pretty gory if you want classic 

The Blair Witch Project – when this movie came out people were puking and running out of the theater. in 1999 people thought this was real, low budget and a great PR firm made it seem like these were really lost tapes of some real witch hunt. it’s cult status because heather, in all her fear gave a dying message to her friends and family. While searching for some local legend they get lost in the woods and end up at their demise. 

There you go. it’s not a typical halloween list, it’s a psychological thriller list. enjoy

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