And So It Is, Our 45th President of The United States

Even though everyone said it could never happen, it won’t happen, there’s no way it could happen, it happened. Donald Trump is going to be the next president of these United States. On Election Night I went to bed long before the race ended knowing full well when I woke up we would have a female president come January but as we all know, that did not happen. Wednesday was a somber day for me and many of the people around me. It just didn’t seem possible. Every magazine, news paper, celebrity was certain (86 percent certain) that Hilary Clinton would win in a land slide. So what happened? How did America fall under the spell of an old rich man?

I’ve tried to find a reason how this could happen, how someone who spewed so much hate could attract the amount of support he did in a country as diverse as this one. We all heard what he was preaching and yet he still won (not by popular vote). In hindsight it’s easy to say we could have done this or we should have did that. More Hispanics should have voted, more black folks should have been out there. I could spend my time typing a long whiney blog about all the things I think led to this mess we are in, but whats the point? Come January Donald will be the leader of the free world.

All we can do now is move forward. Many people are frustrated, myself included, but we have to pull together and make it work for everyone. Donald said in his victory speech Wednesday morning he will be “President for all Americans.” As Americans we need to hold him to this. The scary part about him is we know nothing about his political stance because he doesn’t have one. He’s never been in public office, he’s never served in the military and his running platform told us almost nothing about what he stands for besides ridding the country of Muslims and Mexicans.

What we do know as fact is what he plans to do his first 100 days in office. When you read what he wants to do, if this is what he’s going to do, then you can see where he is and where he wants to take America. I can understand why so many people voted for him. What he plans to do to bring jobs back in this country is not practical but its a good start. He has vowed to rid Washington of career politicians. He says he will spend billions fixing the highways and bridges that are falling apart through out the country.

There are also many things on the list that seem deplorable and unconstitutional. He wants to end federal funding to Sanctuary cities, remove illegal immigrants that are already here, move forward with the keystone pipeline project, seek out and label countries as currency manipulators.

The one that frightens me the most is what he plans to do on the seventh day, taking billions away from the United Nations climate change programs. This is a man that doesn’t believe in global warming, a man that doesn’t think the burning of fossil fuels are destroying the planet.

It’s been three days now since he won the election and doesn’t take office till mid January and he has already loosened his stance on several things he spoke of on the election trail. Just this afternoon he said trans people can use what ever bathroom they choose. The only thing we can do as a country and as a society is watch this unfold. Over the years he has publicly changed his stance on where he sides. Sitting in the White House with Obama on Thursday hopefully has shown him the seriousness of the undertaking his is about to do. How many lives will be affected by his decisions should sit on his conscience while he’s falling asleep at night. That is the hope I have for him, that he takes this as serious as the people he will govern over.

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