I’m Writing a Book

I’ve decided after many years of saying I’m going to do it to finally doing it. I’m writing a book. I haven’t decided if it’s going to be a memoir or a work of fiction.

I may want to blend the truth a bit and keep it fictional, but on the other side I want to put some truth out into the world. I’d like to tell my version of an american experience.

There are so many major points in my life I’d like to tell. I could start on truth and turn it into fiction, keep it more juicy for the reader. I think I prefer to keep it all truth though. I think I want to write a memoir.

*update — I am writing a memoir. I don’t know if I just like saying the word or if I really have something to say. Either way it will be fun to walk down the lanes of history. I’ll be going through some old journals to remember some of the past years and try to consolidate a time frame.

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