The End of Complacency

Things are starting to look normal again, that could have looked like this through the last year, but I wasn’t one to go out and about. Now that I am starting to get back out into the world it’s refreshing to see people out living their lives. I’m still seeing masks on a few folks and I think to myself they must not have got the vaccine or they are just being extra cautious, if you are in the latter I salute you. There is an energy around me when I’m out. My reintroduction into free society was memorial day weekend. I hosted a party for to kick off summer. The weather wasn’t the best, but being surrounded by people felt amazing. I am not good at much but I can host a party that would blow your waspy parents out of the water. I didn’t lose my touch during my forced sabbatical.

As a child I spent more time around adults then kids my age, and my young, yearning brain soaked it all up. The manners, smiles, eye rolls, and fake laughs. I would then go to my counter parts and try to emulate these behaviors with little fanfare. I would listen to the adults chatter about and over the years I’ve learned a good amount of what people get hyped over. it’s the little things.

I have an interview on Monday for a new job at a new company. My pay has been stagnant and I’m pretty much over it. It’s the same field I’m in now but a different position. It’ll be more money and less hours. It’s a mile away from my current company so my commute will be virtually the same. Wish me luck.

I didn’t participate in any pride events this year. I would have liked to go to nyc for pride weekend but it wasn’t in the cards this year. I’m hoping next year will work out better. I need to plan a trip home before the winter though. I have a few trips planned throughout the summer. I’m going to Galveston in a few weeks. After that a weekend in Hot Springs, a week in the Outer Banks. Finish out the summer in Vegas, with a road trip to the grand canyon for a day of hiking. Then I have to figure out a week to get home.

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