Nineteen Years Later

I was reading through some hashtag 9-11 stories on twitter earlier and at first I was just going through kinda skimming them, but the more I read the more it started to effect me. I started to feel remorse and sadness for their experience’s. And it kinda hit me that with everything that’s been going on lately, this entire year, more so these past four years, that i’m filled with so much anger. Mostly at the current state of affairs effecting us, but also much more.

What I remember most about after the towers fell was the entire country coming together to grieve and then, because we are America and it’s all we know to do, rebuild. We pulled together as a nation, even with a feeble President on deck, Bush managed to keep the racism to dog whistles, which most of the uneducated racists didn’t understand. This was before Facebook and twitter told people what to think.

This anger I’ve been carrying around is linked directly to the fall of what I perceived to be the country I was born into. As a child, living through my parents and their friends conversations and explained experiences, I don’t see that same America anymore. I don’t believe those values exist today. I do believe the majority of this nation is good and will do the right thing when given the opportunity, but the opportunity to do bad and be rewarded is recognized faster and lifts you up further, regardless of principle.

The days after the attack in New York were met with warm hands, warm hugs, it was a city that would move past this because it’s New York, and you can’t push around New York. A global city for sure, but as the nation gathered to mourn the towers, nyc police and local FBI started logs and lists of Muslim people within the city. The federal government started to record all our phone calls (and still do) they could arrest you for having a non American name, we gave up rights for the freedom of being American. Nineteen years later we are still being spyed upon. When the only terrorist attacks we have on American soil these days come from the right wing gun carrying nuts within these borders.

19 years ago we came together to fight a common enemy. We now have a henchman in the administration that finds humor in dividing us, an administration that can’t stay in power if the people came together. We have come so far since then, but have we went in the right direction? I don’t know, I don’t think so. America has so many ways of finding out the people outside of our country that want to do us harm and handle it. These days the terrorism comes from inside our borders. Who is there to stop them? We see police are friendly with these right wing groups. We see the FBI trying to look like they earn their paycheck.

Whats so crazy about all this, is it happened in less then four years. America fell to it’s knees in less then four years. By a grifter. Not some mastermind, not some genius, a grifter who wanted to take this country for a ride. We have people in the government steeling monies and no one seems to bat an eye. There is so much corruption that theft is too small to be noticed. But the corruption has a base, a swatch of Americans who have been turned down and turned away from both parties and would prefer the country to burn. Thats where we are at now.

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