Life is Like This

Life is like this, I go from day to day, I look at the same face every morning, I wonder about the cracks and crows feet. I wonder if the dryer is shrinking my clothes or if I’m just getting fat. I check the clock, I grab a shake out of the fridge, say bye and race out the door to beat traffic. I work till exactly 10 minutes before rush hour and pray, everyday, that people are working late so I can make it home in less then an hour. I get stuck in traffic and I check emails and pay bills, I catch up with friends, take selfies. I get bored, I get angry, I start to move, then I’m home. I walk my dog, I talk on the phone. I check the mail. I go for a run. I shower, I cook dinner. I sit down. We talk, mindless chatter. I lay around before I go to bed.

In the moments between this daily routine are the things that matter most to me. When I get lost in memories of the moments of our lives when we are not living like rats. Those few moments in life when we are free to be together and be alive. Those times when the world around us continues and we step outside of it. When it’s just you and I. These are the best moments for me. Life is random and life is beautiful. When you’re surrounded by the right people you flourish.

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