New Year, Same You

It’s that time of year where people start making resolutions for the new year. Lose weight, read more, get involved, etc, etc. It’s all garbage, as we all know the gym membership that you got for such a good deal will go to waste shortly before February rolls around. The books you borrowed from the library are overdue and you haven’t even cracked one of them. I’ve been a victim to this self deprecating scheme for years. I know how it goes, we’ll wake on January first with hang overs and bad memories of kissing the fools of the last nights celebration where midnight, in a midst of loud music and flashing lights and the energy of a drunk crowd gives you the illusion that the new year will be the best year yet.

It’s a scam. We set ourselves up with these expectations that seem to only work when theres a paramount reason to even start them. The start of the new year seems like a perfect time to redo our entire way of living. As if making a choice to loose weight or educate ourselves can only begin in unison with a mass population shift in similar change. The support of an alliance or crowd seems fit that as a whole we can all become better people. We lie to ourselves, we put pressure where pressure is not needed. Then when those expectations begin to falter and fail we feel disenchanted and ready for defeat.

This year, instead of setting myself up for failure I will reflect on the prior year and I will spend some quality time with the decisions and choices I’ve made over the past year and I will move forward in the direction I feel I am designed to move in. I’ll take the good and swallow the bad. At some point in this past year I held on to these choices, things, decisions for a reason.

Life seems to be moving at a lighting pace these days and finding time to reflect on ones own self identity is something of a lost art. As a person living in a world with such uncertainty I am finding this year, more than prior years, to be an important time to step outside myself and look at the bigger picture. Where are I in this world? Am I making good choices for myself and the world around me?

These will be the questions I’ll wonder come January first. When I’m alone and thinking about the world around me, I’ll move forward in a way that will benefit me, the people around me and the greater good. There is no time like the present to make the path needed to find a happy healthy life for yourself. Stop with the hate, the negative projectory behavior. Think about why you’re hating on someone, theres a reason for the hate. Look at yourself and see where it’s coming from. Maybe that could be the place you start to evaluate your own self and see if there is a need for change.

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