Did 2016 Finally Wake the Beast?

2016 is going to go down in the books and studied for years to come. There has been nothing like it before and with the grace of God there won’t be anything like it in the near future. This year has opened so many closets and aired so many dirty secrets. Not to quote Mtv via the 90’s but I think this time it’s kinda for real. Thanks Mtv for dramatizting your bullshit back when you were important. You failed. Thank you for being a part of the corporate bullshit you claimed to fight against.

Getting back to 2016, Mtv has no real pulse in America, I could go on and on about how the world outside our borders has changed so much, but I won’t, I’m going to stay a bit local, talk mostly about how this year has affected me and my surroundings.

First thing I have to mention, as it just happened, a police officer in Fort Worth found it upon himself to judge his fellow Americans. It’s not my place to quote his bigot statements or condone his racist behavior, so I won’t. The cop looked like he didn’t give a shit. To him, they were just a bunch of black folks. I don’t know, if that was my child, I’d be pretty pissed if someone put him in a choke hold. In fact, I don’t think I could be held responsible for my actions if someone did that to my child.

People on Facebook called for the death of all white cops. This being the most extreme statement you could make over one asshole cop, but someone did in fact take it upon themselves to take action into their own hands and killed several cops in Dallas a few months ago. Micah Xavier Johnson killed five cops and injured nine others. He was later killed by the same people he was trying to murder.

Donald Trump, a shady business man, has become the next president of these free states. With each passing day the words that come out of his mouth undermine and destroy the words he spoke before being elected. I don’t know what to say about this. I’m scared. So worried for this country, for this world. Yesterday he claimed America would compete and win any nuclear arms race. Why is this even a topic in 2016? The cold war is long gone and with that this bully minded behavior.

One of the most laughable things to come out of this year, and probably my favorite thing, is the conversation being had over a 1944 song for the movie, Neptune’s Daughter, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and the sexual undertones it has. There is a group, not sure how large it is, who want to ban the song on claims it perpetuates date rape culture. The song has been recorded by countless people since 1944 and has become a regular on the Christmas songs list. To anyone who agrees with this, I ask you to watch the movie from where it originates from.

After Britain voted to leave the EU, the term brexit was coined, shortly after, texit was trending on twitter. For those folks not living in Texas, certain officials want to secede the union and become its own country. There are still plenty of rednecks that hold up the Texas flag with such pride and believe this to be something to strive for. Even in the Dallas metro which is pretty cosmopolitan compared to, lets say, east Texas. If these people opened a book or ever watched the news they’d know Texas is a huge sponge on federal funding. Without it, this great state would simply fall into despair within months.

I could go on and on about all the major fails and setbacks this year has created, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Kayne, Harambe, the Oregon Militia, Pokemon Go, but whats the point? It’s Christmas Eve, tomorrow will come and hopefully you’ll be spending your time with loved ones enjoying a day that means many things to many people. In a week we will bring into the New Year and with that this will all be something the historians can argue. We’ll go into 2017 like uncharted waters. There is so much on the line with the new administration coming into the presidential office, global warming, over farming, over population. If I’m going to be honest with myself, I am loosing hope. The hope I’ve held on to for mankind is dwindling and it saddens me.

I don’t know what will happen in the New Year, but it’s my hope that as a nation and a species we will wake up and really look at ourselves and what we are doing. It’s time to ask questions. It’s time to get answers. It’s time to look at the way we do things and see if there is a better way. I say we should start living for each other and stop running after green paper. We have a short time on this planet, but what do I know? People have been rewriting the same message for years and it just gets worse. Go buy an eight dollar coffee and do your target run. Leave the mess for someone else.

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