Another mass shooting in America. This is now part of our culture. Second rate countries are warning their citizens of the dangers in America. America used to be a global destination, now, we have the ratings of a middle eastern town. White terrorists are everywhere. After September 11 the news all across this country was... Continue Reading →

Shameless Plug

Over the last year I've been writing and producing a podcast called paul now podcast, the original idea was to talk about the gay culture in DFW but that seems to fizzle out once Pride is over, as it does in most cities. So about four months ago I revamped my direction and decided to... Continue Reading →

This is not a Political post

Can we look around at the state of this union for a minute? This country is a total mess. We have criminals running the highest office in the land. If we don't take a stand we will lose the fabric of what America was built on. The forefathers didn't think about mass shooters or uneducated... Continue Reading →

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