I’m Writing a Book

I've decided after many years of saying I'm going to do it to finally doing it. I'm writing a book. I haven't decided if it's going to be a memoir or a work of fiction. I may want to blend the truth a bit and keep it fictional, but on the other side I want... Continue Reading →

Life is Like This

Life is like this, I go from day to day, I look at the same face every morning, I wonder about the cracks and crows feet. I wonder if the dryer is shrinking my clothes or if I’m just getting fat. I check the clock, I grab a shake out of the fridge, say bye... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same You

It's that time of year where people start making resolutions for the new year. Lose weight, read more, get involved, etc, etc. It's all garbage, as we all know the gym membership that you got for such a good deal will go to waste shortly before February rolls around. The books you borrowed from the... Continue Reading →

What has Happened to Fashion?

Everywhere I look I see the same brands on everyone, fashion has become so boring. Everyone is wearing the same skinny jeans and solid tees, saggy crotches and tight ankles. Where did this come from? How did style become so passé, so generic? I suppose fashion peaked in the 90's when there where larger then... Continue Reading →

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