a child in exile

It was raining steady but the boy was bored and his mother was nowhere to be found. So he put on his coat and boots and walked out into the rain. He quickly realized that all the other children were probably inside wrapped up in blankets eating gold foiled chocolates in recliners.

Maybe You Weren’t Meant to Know

What makes people settle? When I look back at my life I can pick out many moments when I knew I was making bad choices and I still let them play out. I put myself myself in all kinds of situations, my attitude would sway but I never forgot who I was. For me it was always about the story. I knew those bad choices would give me a story to tell some day, and those stories have become timeless to me, they have defined me. I make choices based on those experiences. I've never felt that I would live in those terrible decisions because I never felt trapped in them. When the fun was over I'd get into my car and drive on to the next thing. Being alone never troubled me, being lonely was impossible.