GOP Acquits Trump…Again

Even with no power, the GOP has shown America they can’t hold Donald Trump accountable for anything. Why? What is it about this man that people have let him slide by his entire life, never hold him to account? Why? If he is mixed up with some mob type people here in the US or even in Russia, or both, but senators and representatives from the United States Congress. How can they be scared of some shady old man from Queens NY?

GOP says you can’t convict someone who is no longer in office, that is bullshit on it’s face. From the inception of our government ex-government workers have be impeached after they left office. This is not the reason. Minutes after acquitting Trump, McConnell went onto the Senate floor and said that Trump caused the insurrection on the Capital. Yet he voted to acquit, said his base was fed wild lies and falsehoods about the election. So he’s guilty, but I can’t convict him since he’s out of office.

McConnell is open to Trump being prosecuted as a private citizen. Pretty much saying it’s going to happen. This is the same man that put as many Trump appointed judges on the bench as he could, so take that with a grain of salt. What are they afraid of? I keep coming back to this. Trump lost the House, then he lost the Presidency, and in January he lost the Senate. His hardcore base is about 30 percent of this country, (sad, I know), You can’t win elections with only 30 percent of the nation.

Trump released a statement after the verdict, which we all already knew. Thanking the Congress for standing up for the Constitution. Pure bullshit. He doesn’t give one lick of care for the governess of this nation.

Clearly the entire nation was on the same page when we said he would be acquitted. For different reasons of course. Anyone who watched what happened live on tv on January 6 saw the speech, saw the same people storm the Capital. There is no other way to see it. What becomes of Democracy? The GOP said today that it’s okay for a President to break the law in his last few weeks in office and they will do nothing about it.

Trump has other lawsuits filed against him in New York and Georgia. I’m sure after the acquittal there will be many more to come, at least that is my hope. I don’t want to live in a nation where the people in power are not held to the same laws the rest of the people are.


This has been quite a year, I guess it’s been a long four years really, but the end of the trump administration will definitely go down in the history of this country as some of the worst years. From his inception rolling down the escalator calling brown people rapists and murders, and today, trying to stay in power though he lost the election. Whether you care about the image of America on a global scale or not, you can’t say he hasn’t hurt the reputation of this nation. From the view of an insider or an outsider, we are altered. Some even say that our democracy is sliding into fascism, and the way the Republican Party has acted the last four years it’s easy to see why they would think this.

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But this isn’t about him, it’s not about the politics that are hurting us as a nation. This is about me, a typical American. I’m not rich. I’m not connected. My family has no power. I live my life like most Americans, I work, I pay bills, I plan vacations, I have weekend brunches, I food shop and buy most of my clothes from J. Crew.

This year has been anything but this normal routine I play out on the daily. It started off normal, as normal as can be under an administration that took the norms of our society and tossed them out the window, In January of this year I bought I new vehicle. My best friend was coming home from a tour in Kuwait, I got a raise, I was coming back to Texas after an extended vacation in my hometown with family and friends. I was making plans for the spring and summer. It was going to be an amazing year, especially because my best friend was going to be back in the states.

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I read the world news since I have family outside of the states, and there were articles spreading about an unexplained virus coming out of China. This was in January, they were calling it a global threat. The articles were very few but alarming. I ran out to Walmart and bought up masks and sanitizer. Then the panic started to hit the American media and the administration came out and said it was nothing. It wouldn’t hit our shores. I thought I wasted money on buying masks and wondered if I should start spray painting things to use them up. It’s funny now to think how ignorant I was then. At the same time Italians were falling victim to this virus like nothing outside of an actual war.

That all feels like a lifetime away from where we are now. There are vaccines days away from being approved here. In the UK they have already started giving them. Through this whole global mess, we see what the American government is willing to give to their people. Outside of America, nations with less gop than we have are giving thousands of dollars every month to stay home. To stay safe. Our government doesn’t work for us. Some people got 1200 bucks way back when, way back when this all started. Since then people have lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes, apartments, they can’t feed their children. Mitch McConnell, the senator from Kentucky, has blocked every bill that could have helped. He has done so much to undermine American democracy, and yet, this year Kentucky could have rid him, yet he remains, so much for exceptionalism.

You never hear of democratic countries falling, it’s mostly all about the soviet era, and communism. We are on the decline. We are Rome. We will fall just like them. It will be a slow process, the rest of the world will move along without us and we will crash and burn. It’s already around global warming. We refuse the evidence that it’s real, that it exists, and we will be left behind.

We have a new administration coming in, but it’s a four year gig. The last four years has taught us that you don’t need principle, you just need to pander to the lowest of the low and create a base of haters. I hope this new administration can turn off the visceral in this country but as long as we have networks like foxnews we’re in this for the long run.

The vaccine will change us, it’ll bring us back to some kind of normalcy. We have lost 286 thousand people, our own people because of a government that didn’t give a fuck about you. Those people won’t get the vaccine, they aren’t coming back. The families that have lost their loved ones will never get to go back to normal. The rest of what’s left of this nation will get back to normal, but what about all the forgotten in this last year? Is this something we will move on from or something we’ll use as a case study?

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I know I said this would be about me, but when there is this much carnage, how can I? This has been so much bigger than me. This year has shown us as a people that our government doesn’t give a fuck about us. The richest Americans gained more money then 95 percent of us. We need change.

Nineteen Years Later

I was reading through some hashtag 9-11 stories on twitter earlier and at first I was just going through kinda skimming them, but the more I read the more it started to effect me. I started to feel remorse and sadness for their experience’s. And it kinda hit me that with everything that’s been going on lately, this entire year, more so these past four years, that i’m filled with so much anger. Mostly at the current state of affairs effecting us, but also much more.

What I remember most about after the towers fell was the entire country coming together to grieve and then, because we are America and it’s all we know to do, rebuild. We pulled together as a nation, even with a feeble President on deck, Bush managed to keep the racism to dog whistles, which most of the uneducated racists didn’t understand. This was before Facebook and twitter told people what to think.

This anger I’ve been carrying around is linked directly to the fall of what I perceived to be the country I was born into. As a child, living through my parents and their friends conversations and explained experiences, I don’t see that same America anymore. I don’t believe those values exist today. I do believe the majority of this nation is good and will do the right thing when given the opportunity, but the opportunity to do bad and be rewarded is recognized faster and lifts you up further, regardless of principle.

The days after the attack in New York were met with warm hands, warm hugs, it was a city that would move past this because it’s New York, and you can’t push around New York. A global city for sure, but as the nation gathered to mourn the towers, nyc police and local FBI started logs and lists of Muslim people within the city. The federal government started to record all our phone calls (and still do) they could arrest you for having a non American name, we gave up rights for the freedom of being American. Nineteen years later we are still being spyed upon. When the only terrorist attacks we have on American soil these days come from the right wing gun carrying nuts within these borders.

19 years ago we came together to fight a common enemy. We now have a henchman in the administration that finds humor in dividing us, an administration that can’t stay in power if the people came together. We have come so far since then, but have we went in the right direction? I don’t know, I don’t think so. America has so many ways of finding out the people outside of our country that want to do us harm and handle it. These days the terrorism comes from inside our borders. Who is there to stop them? We see police are friendly with these right wing groups. We see the FBI trying to look like they earn their paycheck.

Whats so crazy about all this, is it happened in less then four years. America fell to it’s knees in less then four years. By a grifter. Not some mastermind, not some genius, a grifter who wanted to take this country for a ride. We have people in the government steeling monies and no one seems to bat an eye. There is so much corruption that theft is too small to be noticed. But the corruption has a base, a swatch of Americans who have been turned down and turned away from both parties and would prefer the country to burn. Thats where we are at now.

Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled this morning that employers could not discriminate against lgbtq people, shocking me to almost speechless. I really didn’t expect this court to be in favor of anything that’s post 1950 Americano. Of course there were some judges that chose to deny gay Americans in 2020 the same benefits straight people wouldn’t even have to think twice about, but overall we won this one. In this crazy environment we are living through we have to take what we can.

Thats the whole thing isn’t it?, this crazy environment where up is down, wrong is right, and grifting is a part of the political landscape. That is how a certain supreme court judge got his seat isn’t it, not that anyone would be keeping track of such things. So naturally he was one of the nay votes, not to be outdone by the other two nay votes, he had to write his own dissent saying this should be left to lawmakers and not the courts.

He’s right though. The people we elect into these powerful roles in our government should make laws that protect all Americans, including gay and trans people. It’s also 2020, should we even be having a conversation about such a trivial thing, shouldn’t employment protections already be covered for all Americans, shouldn’t it just be a given that we can all love who we love and still be gainfully employed without fear?

I don’t want to downplay this moment because it is a landmark decision. One I think many Americans were not expecting, but a quick look outside your door, you see that injustice in this country is part of the fabric. It’s been woven into the conservative platform for 50 plus years. It’s so ingrained into the american landscape that giving basic employment protections to a certain community seems like a landmark.

If this was 1956 I would be walking on a cloud. But this is 2020, as a nation we should be so much further ahead than we are. Is progress really happening or are we just moving in circles? In the last 20 years I’ve worked at two companies who had lgbtq protections baked into their policy handbooks, one even offered same sex benefits way before marriage equality was a thing. I assumed all companies were so forward in their approach to obtain and keep qualified employees.

This is happening while the country slowly burns because the biggest injustice, the longest running injustice, continues to plague us. Racism is alive and it thrives in the open. Maybe not in our everyday conversations, but in the systems that have been built along the way to what America is today. I heard a black lady sum it up like playing monopoly, but every time you get ahead, they burn it all down and you have to start over. do that for 400 years.

We’ve got a long way to go to make this place inclusive for all people. Black people were brought here by force, by no choice of their own and they are still fighting. American foundations need to change. Let the change start from the bottom and trickle up, just replace trickle with a rocket. Enough is enough. This version of American only works for a few, they can’t hold back change. The days of false words and hope are over. We have seen it for too long. The time for change, real change is now.

Another Police killing While Black.

One week after Amber Guyger was charged for killing a man inside his home in Dallas a Fort Worth police officer said hold my beer. The differences between Dallas and Forth Worth are like night and day. Justice is said to have a blind eye, we will see once the killer cop finally speaks.

Will the jury in Fort Worth follow the folks of Dallas and hold this person accountable for their actions or will they continue their racist heritage of hanging the colored person?

When the hero has a gun and kills the innocent, is that an act of war or a common place? I’m asking, because I don’t know anymore. When do we stop calling them the hero’s and calling them what they are? Killers of our neighborhood.

The last time I called the police station was for a water leak in a car garage and they laughed at me. It was non-emergency. Maybe if I had dialed 911 something would have been done.

Atatiana Jefferson didn’t stand a chance. Her killer was a 20 something year old, on the force less than two years. He wanted to be a hero, but he’s just a killer. He murdered a young women inside her own home by window, like a movie from HBO. But it’s not a movie, it’s real life. She was a real person.

Now she’s gone and her family and friends have to pick up the pieces. To her family and friends she meant something, She was a light, she was a confident, she was a sister, a daughter. This man took that away.

For what? I ask because I do not know. I don’t know where we go. Do we follow the status quo or do we move forward? We are Greece 2.0. Can we prove history wrong or fall into a tyrannical state.