I Miss Fashion

I have never been one to lounge around in sweatpants on a Sunday binging netflix, well the lounging and binging part yes, but never in a pair of sweatpants. I can honestly say i do not own a pair. For good or bad a lot of my self worth comes from my fashion choices and it’s a bit part of who i am.

I’ve always had an eye on how to dress the body I was born with, the one I try to keep slim and fit but also eats ice cream and cake more then I should. When I was in high school I won the best dressed award, I was also voted most likely to be running GQ magazine at thirty.

The latter did not happen. I grew angry with fashion as more and more fast fashion was becoming the go to for my generation. I guess it wasn’t fashion I hated, but the people controlling it. It was being turnt into the massive cow of an industry that didn’t fit my idea of what it meant to be fashionable.

I was very young when I found a style that worked for me and I’ve mostly maintained that same look. The materials have become more expensive but the look has stayed the same. Watches and belts have come and gone, as have sunglasses and shoes. I used to wear thick Italian soled black shoes and now wear Birkenstocks almost everyday.

I don’t say all this to brag or come off as some fashion expert. I am not, The thought of dressing someone else bores me to sleep. The last year has been yoga pants and athletic wear almost non stop. and I’m tired of it. I want to see sun dresses and leather sandals and heels, sexy sun glasses and big bright colors on lips. I’d also like to see lips again, so get your vaccine. I want to see tailored chinos and polos and loafers. Aviators and short shorts.

Fashion took a back seat this past year since everyone stayed home so I’m not sure what’s to come. I’m a little excited but mostly nervous. If I have learned anything over the years of crafting my own style its fashion magazines and trend pushers will try again to turn something so personal into something for the masses.

What has Happened to Fashion?

Everywhere I look I see the same brands on everyone, fashion has become so boring. Everyone is wearing the same skinny jeans and solid tees, saggy crotches and tight ankles. Where did this come from? How did style become so passé, so generic?

I suppose fashion peaked in the 90’s when there where larger then life people running the major fashion houses. Now they are either dead or have sold their label to some rack room looking safe house only looking to turn over a profit. Fashion used to be exciting, something to look forward to.

I don’t know, maybe the nice pieces are out of range for the average folk and are reserved only for the rich. When I was growing up I wasn’t into the over the top things that used to come down the runway, I was in love with Calvin Klein and the clean sharp lines the brand stuck with. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the outrageousness of it all. Those large catwalks full of color and avant-garde pieces inspired the masses to make pieces that reflected the culture and the times.

Maybe life is imitating art. Everything is so drab these days. Everything is incorporated and strip malls and chains. The words hauté couture painted on 14 year old asses at the local mall. Nothing about a pair of sweatpants made in some factory in Pakistan with these words printed on them could be further from the meaning.

We have become so serious these days. We over analyze the littlest things and turn them into giants that crowd the room and leave no room for air to move freely. We are living in Great Aunties parlor. Stagnate and disabled to a fresh idea. When did this happen, this slow progression into mediocre, mundane sad pants we walk around in? When the middle class started to die off? The rich barricaded themselves in tall buildings? The poor had no one to look up to?

Did this country just get too serious for it’s own good? I guess it’s been coming for a long time. Bored housewives in the 90’s starting all these organizations (hate groups) to ‘help’ their children be the best they can. When all they did was hinder them. A bunch of pussy’s running around crying number one.

These were the women that held the most expendable cash, and so they were the targets. The 90’s were full of these come up brands that you still see today, mostly in the malls, but are universal to the youth today. That is all they know. A State wide sponsored school dress code that transpires to after school wear.

The youth of America have so many choices these days, and they follow their friends into those typhlosis. Shopping the same tired brands with only a meager difference from the season before. A sweater will have a difference in where the stitching is or jeans will be a quarter inch thinner. I feel like there is a rut happening right now that needs to be broken.

We need fresh faces who are bold, who aren’t afraid to take risks. We need visionaries to challenge the mundane muck people are walking around in today. Lets get some people out there to class up America. Bring back fine material, tops that aren’t imprinted with brand logos, bottoms that are set apart from the cotton pants with elastic bottoms these stores are trying to shove down our throats. 2017 is a perfect year to get back to basics, start with fresh ideas, bring back a classic looking American style that embodies the now. A look that says we are not a washed up country without fresh ideas.