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  • 2022 Elections

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  • GOP Acquits Trump…Again

    Even with no power, the GOP has shown America they can’t hold Donald Trump accountable for anything. Why? What is it about this man that people have let him slide by his entire life, never hold him to account? Why? If he is mixed up with some mob type people here in the US or…

  • 2020

    This has been quite a year, I guess it’s been a long four years really, but the end of the trump administration will definitely go down in the history of this country as some of the worst years. From his inception rolling down the escalator calling brown people rapists and murders, and today, trying to…

  • Nineteen Years Later

    I was reading through some hashtag 9-11 stories on twitter earlier and at first I was just going through kinda skimming them, but the more I read the more it started to effect me. I started to feel remorse and sadness for their experience’s. And it kinda hit me that with everything that’s been going…

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