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  • Reflections on Another Year

    The older I get the less I care for the fanfare. If I don’t get the amount of texts I once did in my younger days, I don’t fall into a slump. Somewhere between 37 and today I stopped caring. Each year, the amount I care grows less. It’s not to say I have lost…


    Things are starting to look normal again, that could have looked like this through the last year, but I wasn’t one to go out and about. Now that I am starting to get back out into the world it’s refreshing to see people out living their lives. I’m still seeing masks on a few folks…

  • I Miss Fashion

    I have never been one to lounge around in sweatpants on a Sunday binging netflix, well the lounging and binging part yes, but never in a pair of sweatpants. I can honestly say i do not own a pair. For good or bad a lot of my self worth comes from my fashion choices and…

  • Re: 2007

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