Suicide Among our Young LGBT

How do you tell a child or a teenager who is being bullied in school that it gets better? When everyday these children go to the same place and are treated the same way, day after day, month after month? The scope of a child's life revolves around school. They spend a huge chunk of... Continue Reading →

The Flying Dutchman

The story goes like this, a phantom vessel can be seen off the horizon and with it strong storms follow in and around the Coast of Good Hope. It is thought that this is the Flying Dutchman, which is the name of the captain, not the ship. To see the Flying Dutchman almost always is... Continue Reading →

Where J. Crew got it Wrong

Years ago I went to an outlet mall outside of Baltimore and saw a J. Crew store. This was exciting news for me at the time since i was in high school and working at a minimum wage job part time and didn't have the money to be buying seventy dollar button ups. I have... Continue Reading →

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